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We offer a wide range of paid medical services and consultations, as well as high quality service. Order a specialist or services. Teamwork is a hallmark of our medical centers, it is an advantage.

Medical Protection

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we do our best to ensure your safety when visiting Nordis medical center. We combine experience and knowledge in different fields of medicine to find the right.

Own Laboratory

We invite everyone who takes care of their health to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body at affordable prices. More than 100 doctors work in our center for the benefit of patients.

What to do if your head or neck hurts too often?

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If a headache has become a fairly common occurrence in your life, you feel discomfort in the occipital or temporal region, then you can undergo a preventive examination under the “If your head hurts often” program, which will help determine the source of the headache and choose an individual treatment that will eliminate the problem and restore your good health.
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